"Thankfully I discovered juicing and it has had such a positive impact on my life.”

Press On Juice

Initial Situation

Kris Rockwood was struggling with health issues that were effecting her ability to do activities with her daughters. The medication could potentially cause more issues, so Kris explored other options to handle the pain. She discovered juicing and it had such a great impact, she decided to share it with others. 

How the SBDC helped

Kris began working with the Michigan SBDC a few years ago to help grow her business. Specifically, the MI-SBDC has assisted in the marketing aspects of Press on Juice. Press on Juice received an Search Engine Optimization Report from the MI-SBDC to increase the traffic flow to their website. 


Press on Juice continues to grow in the Traverse city area. They are adding new products that are healthy and enjoyable to eat. In the future, there might even be more Press on Juice locations.

1125 East Eighth Street
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
(231) 409-9325



About five years ago, Kris Rockwood was searching for a solution to her ongoing health problem. Her rheumatoid arthritis was to the point that she could no longer play with her daughters.

After researching different methods to cope with her pain, she discovered that her medication had a number of dangerous side effects, so she began searching for another answer.

Kris began consuming a raw-based diet and added juicing. After six weeks of being on her diet, her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms essentially disappeared. As a result, she had enough energy to play with her daughters again. It was then Kris knew that she had to share this lifestyle with the public.

“I was traveling a great amount because I was working in Chicago at the time,” Rockwood said. “I was hardly seeing my girls and to add to that, when I was able, I didn’t feel well enough to play with them. Thankfully I discovered juicing and it has had such a positive impact on my life.”

Kris turned her life-changing passion into a business by opening ‘Press on Juice,’ a health-enthused raw juice store that serves the Traverse City area. Essentially, Kris’ hope of helping people live a healthy lifestyle was met with the opening of the store.

“There is a good amount of people in the area that are health-conscious, and I wanted to provide an outlet for those who share my passion,” Rockwood said. “Press On Juice helps accomplish that.”

‘Press On Juice,’ opened its doors in the Spring of 2014 in Traverse City, and serves a community of all ages who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Currently, Press On Juice houses nine employees, and an additional 10 employees during the summer months.

 “Every employee at Press On Juice plays a vital role to the success of the company,” Rockwood said. “In addition to everyone who works at Press On Juice, I also consult with a women’s business group that a number of women and myself formed to help one another with typical business ventures.”

According to Kristin, the ‘women’s business group’ consists of an artist, author, farmer, and a number of small business leaders, whom meet monthly to help each other with various issues. In addition to the women’s business group, Kristin has received a helping hand from Northwest Michigan Small Business Development Center’s (MI-SBDC).

“My MI-SBDC has assisted me with my business for the past two years,” Rockwood said. “They are very instrumental with marketing and demographics. They have played such a large part in the evolution of Press On Juice. I don’t know what the business would look like today without the MI-SBDC’s guidance.”

As of now, Press On Juice’s menu includes 25 different juice varieties, a collection of salads, and various smoothies, sandwiches, cashew cheese, kale chips and flax seed crackers. As for what’s next for Press On Juice, Kristin hints that soups may be in the works and new locations.

“We want to continue to diversify Press On Juice, and really create an assortment of healthy options for our customers,” Rockwood said. “Soups are currently in the works. We would like to feature six different soups, which will include mushroom, squash, bean, and red pepper.

Learn more about Press on Juice by visiting their website at: www.pressonjuice.com/