"My consultant helps identify growth opportunities and uses past experiences to support me and my business.”

Heart of Michigan Cafe


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Mid-Michigan Best Small Business Recipient

Initial Situation

Morgan Humphrey was just 19 when she decided to use her entrepreneurial mindset to start her own business. Heart of Michigan Cafe has expanded to include a larger menu and is now connected to its sister businesses; The Venue at 501 and an Air B&B host known as the Upper Rooms. With her family’s support and a lot of hard work, Morgan was able to grow a successful business in just a few years and support her community in the process.

How the SBDC helped

Morgan started working with the SBDC to transition her business to an LLC. Initially her consultant helped her with the filing process and hiring a lawyer. She has continued working with the SBDC to write a business plan, conduct market research to create a successful food menu for her café and restaurant, and create a budget that incorporated her business loan payments.


The Heart of Michigan Café has expanded into a café and restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and is connected to a wedding venue and Air B&B, also owned and operated by Ms. Humphrey. The entire business continues to develop and is currently working with the SBDC to acquire their liquor license and maximize their marketing strategy in downtown Clare, with more exciting plans for the future.


505 N. McEwan St
Clare, MI 48617
(989) 424-6602

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When Morgan Humphrey was just 19 she started her own business in downtown Clare, Michigan. With the support of
her grandparents and family she was able to expand her cozy café to offer a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu
and provide a gathering place for the community.

The Heart of Michigan Café is connected to its two sister businesses, The Venue at 501 for hosting weddings and
events, and the Upper Rooms for a full service setting that guests can stay in and enjoy.

Humphrey began working with the SBDC to transition her business into an LLC when she needed guidance in filing
the paperwork and finding a lawyer. Since then she has continued to work with her consultant at the SBDC for support in writing a business plan, conducting marketing research to expand the café’s menu options, maximizing marketing and operations, and in expanding the business through innovative ideas and the implementation of them.

“The SBDC has been helpful in fueling ideas to the needs in our county. My consultant identifies growth opportunity
and uses past experience to support me and my business” says Humphrey. She is currently working to get a liquor license for her business and has been working with the SBDC to secure the
next steps.

Heart of Michigan Café has experienced substantial growth and continues to support the community of Clare,
Michigan through donations and charity work. Excess coffee from the café is brought to the local hospital for the staff
to enjoy daily, and the business is involved in fundraisers or events in the community as much as possible.
“Our community involvement not only leads to other’s success, but to the success of the café as well through the
connection it provides” says Humphrey.

We can’t wait to see what Ms. Humphrey and the Heart of Michigan Café have in store for the future.

To learn more about Heart of Michigan Cafe and to see their latest happenings, check out their Facebook page!