“My passion is to make our product in the U.S. and help secure local, Michigan jobs."

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Initial Situation

After learning how unsanitary her son’s wet winter gloves were after playing outside, Karen Smoots set out to create a solution. Her invention, the Green Glove Dryer, allows users to easily hang and dry wet winter clothing. Now in its third year on the market, Karen is continuing to grow the sales of the Green Glove Dryer.

How the SBDC Helped

In 2014, Karen began working with the SBDC to receive guidance on the future of her company, KMS Designs. The SBDC assisted Karen in writing a business plan, which is a foundational component of her business’s success. Karen also received an International Search Engine Optimization analysis to examine the effectiveness of her website and identify areas where she can improve her online marketing, website strategy and sales.


The Green Glove Dryer has been drawing attention from all over Michigan. It can now be found on shelves throughout the Midwest, helping users keep their winter clothing clean and dry. Karen debuted her product on the Home Shopping Network in November 2016 and continues to gain momentum as she gears up for a busy winter season.

One winter day three years ago, when Karen Smoots’ son took off his gloves after school, she smelled a horrible stench. After some quick investigating she realized that the odor was coming from his gloves, which were wet from playing outside in the snow. It was in that moment that she knew she needed to come up with a lasting solution to this problem. Her answer? The Green Glove Dryer.

When gloves do not thoroughly dry out, the bacteria thrive inside, often resulting in that awful smell. The Green Glove Dryer attaches to an existing floor or wall vent, and allows users to easily place items on the dryer. The hot air from the vent dries and warms gloves, mittens, hats, slippers, and more.

Smoots states, “Every household who deals with snow should have this product in their home. It’s a no brainer.”

Now, Karen Smoots and The Green Glover Dryer are gearing up for their third season of improving the lives of winter dwellers.

When deciding how to manufacture the product, Karen teamed up with a local business that is able to construct, pack and distribute her product. This has allowed Karen to work closely with her manufacturer, which is just a short drive from her home. Her invention has had a significant impact on the local small business she works with and has been able to assist in protecting salaried jobs.

“My passion is to make the product in the U.S. and help secure local, Michigan jobs. Our small business is able to support another small business. It’s a perfect match,” adds Smoots.

The Green Glove Dryer is environmentally conscientious and safe. It requires no additional electricity and uses recycled materials as often as possible.

When Karen started working with the Southwest Michigan SBDC, she was seeking guidance on constructing a business plan. Her SBDC consultant helped her think through the foundational aspects of her business and document them in a written plan. Having a well-thought-out business plan helped Karen communicate her unique value proposition and allowed for more doors to open when presenting to potential product vendors. Karen also received an International Search Engine Optimization analysis from the Michigan SBDC Market Research Team. This allowed her to see an in-depth analysis of how her website was performing and how she could improve her online sales.

“The assistance and guidance I received from the SBDC has been unbelievable. I have used and implemented so much of what they have helped me with,” commented Karen.

Karen’s hard work expanding her business has paid off, and she is looking forward to seeing her product on shelves all over the Midwest this winter. Consumers will be able to find The Green Glove Dryer in many Bed Bath and Beyond locations in the Unites States and Canada, MC Sports, Dunham’s, and ACE Hardware Stores. In November, Karen appeared on the Home Shopping Network’s Monday Night Show, which significantly broadened the reach of her product.

Karen has also been able to share her knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship to students at Western Michigan University, her alma mater, and looks forward to promoting that spirit of ingenuity within her own small business.

“For me, failure is never an option. Sometimes we have to do things a little differently until we find out what works.”

For more information on the Green Glove Dryer, visit: http://thegreenglovedryer.com/