“There was a lack of knowledge about home healthcare needs and a lack of compassion. I wanted to change these points.”

Care Granted, LLC


Business Launched


Initial Line of Credit Secured


Minority-owned by young, disabled black man

Initial Situation

After a horrific accident left Gabriel Grant a quadriplegic and in need of 24-hour home healthcare, he witnessed
firsthand the good and bad of home healthcare. It was during this time that Gabriel decided to fix some of the
problems he saw in home healthcare by starting a business that was dedicated to finding the right care for
each individual client. His desire was to provide customized assistance based on clients’ individual
requirements instead of a one-size fits all approach.

How the SBDC helped

Gabriel knew what it meant to be a client within the home healthcare industry and he even knew a little bit
about the business side as well after working for a couple of agencies. On the other hand, he was a young
man with limited knowledge about owning and managing a business so he sought out guidance on how to navigate through the world of business. When he approached the Michigan SBDC for assistance he had a rough business plan and had already been turned down for financing since he lacked the traditional business history needed for lending. With the help of the Michigan SBDC, the business plan was strengthened and solid financial projections were prepared. Together with his SBDC business consultant, they met with several local banks to seek the initial funding needed to launch the business.


In the fall of 2016, Gabriel launched Care Granted, LLC, with a handful of employees, a small line of credit, and a list of potential clients. Within a few months, he secured his first client and the business began to blossom. Since then he’s increased his staff to almost 10 employees, grown his client list, and has sales figures in the six-figure range.

250 Monroe Avenue NW
Suite 400
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 227-8735

In 2009, Gabriel Grant had great plans for his future. He was a standout athlete and senior at Union High
School in Grand Rapids, preparing to attend Michigan State University (MSU) on a full-ride scholarship. With a
love of sports, he had visions of becoming a sports broadcaster, marketer, or agent. But in the blink of an eye
that all changed. While riding in the front passenger seat, he was seriously injured when the vehicle crashed
after a tire blew. The accident left Gabriel a C-5 quadriplegic. He was unable to move from his chest down
and unable to breath on his own. Suddenly, Gabriel’s bright future dimmed and it looked as if he would spend
the rest of his life in a nursing home.

Gabriel, though, had other visions for his future. He became driven by one of his favorite quotes, “Life is like
business, 20% of what happens to you is 80% of how you react.” (Daymond John) He had no intention of
living out his life in a nursing home room nor did he plan on staying in a wheelchair. Through intensive therapy
and workouts, Gabriel learned how to breathe on his own and walk with the support of forearm crutches. With
each passing day, he grew stronger and healthier but Gabriel’s body would never return to its former self. He
now required 24-hour assistance with his day to day living needs.

In the eight years following the accident, Gabriel experienced the good and bad of home healthcare. He
worked for a few healthcare agencies as well, which allowed him a glimpse into the business side of the
industry. It was during these years that Gabriel realized there was a problem in home healthcare and he
needed to be the one to address these concerns.

“I saw a lack in home healthcare,” said Gabriel Grant, Owner of Care Granted, LLC. “There was a lack of
knowledge about home healthcare needs, a lack of compassion by the owners, managers, and caregivers, and
a lack of understanding the difficulties a person with special needs faces, and I wanted to change these

In 2012, Gabriel came up with the idea for Care Granted – a home healthcare company that provides daily
living assistance. For the next four years, he did his research and worked to learn the business side of home
healthcare and how to individualize the care for those who required assistance.

With a rough draft of a business plan in hand, he reached out to the Michigan SBDC for help in finetuning the
plan and navigating the logistics of financial management, financial projections, and lending. He was paired up
with an SBDC business consultant and together they prepared a strong business plan and financial projections
to approach banks for startup assistance.

“Gabriel knew exactly what he wanted to do, he is focused on solving a problem for others,” shared Jamaal
Ewing, Economic Inclusion Business Consultant for the Michigan SBDC. “Our services allowed Gabriel to
transform his idea on paper into an operational business.”

Care Granted opened for business in October 2016 with a handful of employees, a small line of credit, and
zero clients. The company is based in Grand Rapids but serves all of Michigan. As Gabriel shared, “We want
to be the eHarmony of home healthcare.”

Today, Care Granted has a team of nurses, CNAs, and caregivers that are available for a few hours or for 24-
hour assistance. The team is dedicated to finding the right home healthcare for the individual needs of their
clients. The company now has close to 10 employees, clients on the books, and six-figure sales. Through
Care Granted, Gabriel is working with ArtPrize (Grand Rapids) organizers to develop a plan of action for
making the 2018 event accessible to disabled individuals.

To learn more about Care Granted, visit www.caregranted.com or call (616) 227-8735.