“In this crazy world, we want to be the place that allows people to feel special and cared for.”

Balance Massage Therapy


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Initial Situation

Josie Ann and Christin Lee Draybuck met years ago while working in a coffee shop. Together, discovered that they could combine their talent of massage and passion of small business and open up a massage studio. They opened up Balance Massage Therapy to offer extraordinary massages and service.

How the SBDC helped

The Michigan SBDC has provided methods and tools to Balance Massage Therapy to grow their business in an effective and efficient way. With help from the Michigan SBDC, Balance Massage Therapy was able to double their size in 2013. 


Balance Massage Therapy is a place of comfort for most of the clients that they see. Balance has grown and been able to make donations to their community. To date, they have performed over 80,000 massages.


 5155 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 660-5919



Before falling in love and deciding to open a business together, Josie and Christin Lee Draybuck met while working at a coffee shop in Ann Arbor. Josie was learning how  to run a coffee shop, intending to open her own one day. Christin was working as a barista while she attended massage therapy school. Eventually, the two decided to combine their skills and expertise, take a leap of faith, and open their own massage studio. 

Founded in 2008, Balance Massage Therapy embodies happiness, wellness, and care for clients and team members. The team of expert therapists are committed to growing and learning together. They focus on therapeutic work and an overall positive approach to health. Their expert therapists and extraordinary service truly sets them apart from other massage businesses.  Balance believes in giving clients an experience that will not only impact their physical health but will help promote their mental health and happiness. 

“Our #1 goal is happy clients and to us that is whoever walks through our doors. Whether it’s a client, teammate, mailman or someone asking for directions we want to make sure we’re having a positive impact on their day,” states Josie.

BMT has been intentional about building a community, and include it among their core values. Balance Massage Therapy is so much more than business, it is a family. Over the years. Balance has been a place of healing for clients facing cancer, a place of comfort for grieving families and a place to heal following surgery and injuries. BMT looks for ways to show appreciation for clients, local organizations and the Dixboro community. They participate in an annual donation drive that has raised $10,000 for local charities, provide over 500 massage gift certificates to support events and make donations in memory of clients and pets that have passed.

“In this crazy world, we want to be the place that allows people to feel special and cared for,” states Josie. “When you really care about the people you are serving, the community grows around you.”

The MI-SBDC has been able to assist Josie with her business strategy, and how to navigate operating a quickly growing company. Balance Massage Therapy was able to double their size in 2013, just a few years after opening their doors. Josie was able to meet with her MI-SBDC consultants often, and get their valued insight and advice. They have helped steer Josie and Christin in the right direction for Balance Massage Therapy’s future.

Josie adds, “My MI-SBDC consultants have been a constant source of inspiration and guidance. They have been game changers for Balance Massage Therapy.”

Balance Massage Therapy is looking forward to serving its community and positively impacting even more clients in the near future. They hope to continue to grow their team through building healthy relationships and culture. Together, the Balance Massage Therapy team has created a Team Vision 2020. These goals, objectives, and action items unite the team and ensure that Balance is a place that they believe in and are proud to be a part of. 

To learn more about Balance Massage Therapy and the services they offer, you can check out their website at: http://lifeisactive.com/