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Lead Center Team

Ed Garner SBDC

Ed Garner

Interim State Director and Regional Director - West Michigan SBDC

(616) 331-7486 garnered@gvsu.edu Ed Garner serves as the Michigan SBDC Interim State Director and Regional…

Jennifer Deamud SBDC

Jennifer Deamud

Associate State Director

616-331-7482 deamudj@gvsu.edu Jennifer M. Deamud, MS, MPA is the Chief Operating Officer and the Associate…

Sienna Mavima SBDC

Sienna Mavima

Assistant State Director

616-331-7483 mavimasi@gvsu.edu Sienna is responsible for data and information management of the SBDC network and…

Matti Sullivan SBDC

Matti Sullivan

Finance Manager

616-331-7481 sullivma@gvsu.edu Matti is responsible for the financial operations of the Michigan SBDC, including the…

Zara Smith SBDC

Zara Smith

Strategic Programs Manager

616-331-7106 smithlat@gvsu.edu Zara is responsible for the development, implementation and advancement of key network programs, including…

Hanna Burmeister Michigan SBDC

Hanna Burmeister

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager 616-331-7489 burmeish@gvsu.edu Hanna is a marketing and communications professional passionate about creating positive…

Ian Rogers Training Manager

Ian Rogers

Training Manager

616-331-7262 rogersia@gvsu.edu As the training manager for the Michigan SBDC Lead Center, Ian Rogers oversees…

Josh Marko SBDC

Joshua Marko

Special Projects Coordinator

Special Projects Coordinator markojos@gvsu.edu Josh comes to the Michigan SBDC with experience that aligns with…

Scott Taber SBDC

Scott Taber

Cyber Security Awareness Program Specialist

Cyber Security Awareness Program Specialist tabers@gvsu.edu / 616-331-7375 Scott is a cyber-security professional passionate about raising…

Melodi Warren SBDC

Melodi Warren

Communications Assistant

(616) 331-7378 warremel@gvsu.edu

Regional Directors

Tamara Davis SBDC

Tamara Davis

Regional Director- Southwest Michigan Region

(269) 387-6004 tamara.j.davis@wmich.edu Tamara Davis is the regional director for the Southwest Michigan SBDC. In…

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson

Regional Director- Capital Region

517-483-1921 donaldt2@lcc.edu Tom is an experienced business executive with broad knowledge of all aspects of…

Dave Emmel SBDC

David Emmel

Regional Director - Northeast Michigan Region

(989) 590-7743 emmeld@gvsu.edu David Emmel currently serves as the Regional Director of the Northeast Michigan…

Tony Fox SBDC

Tony Fox

Regional Director - Mid Michigan Region

989-317-4623 aefox@midmich.edu Tony Fox serves as Regional Director for the Mid Michigan Region of the…

Ed Garner SBDC

Ed Garner

Interim State Director and Regional Director - West Michigan SBDC

(616) 331-7486 garnered@gvsu.edu Ed Garner serves as the Michigan SBDC Interim State Director and Regional…

Kristi Kozubal SBDC

Kristi Kozubal

Regional Director- Great Lakes Bay Region

(989) 758-3627 kristikozubal@delta.edu Kristi Kozubal has over 15 years of experience working with small businesses,…

Laura Marohnic SBDC

Laura Marohnic

Regional Director - Upper Peninsula Region

(906) 280-5434 lemarohn@mtu.edu Laura Marohnic, MBA, CGBP is the MI-SBDC Regional Director covering the Upper…

Janis Mueller

Regional Director- I-69 Trade Corridor Region

jmueller1@kettering.edu Janis Mueller is serving as the Regional Director for the I-69 Trade Corridor Region,…

Annie Olds SBDC

Annie Olds

Regional Director – Northwest Region

231-929-5091 annieolds@networksnorthwest.org Annie is responsible for leading the Northwest region serving Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet,…

Charlie Penner SBDC

Charlie Penner

Regional Director- Greater Washtenaw Region

734-477-8763 cpenner@wccnet.org Charlie has been the Regional Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center…

Wendy Thomas SBDC

Wendy Thomas

Interim Regional Director- Southeast Region

313-672-1108 Wthomas1@emich.edu Wendy Thomas is the Interim Regional Director of the Southeast Michigan Region. She…

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