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Lead Center Team

Kristi Kozubal SBDC

Kristi Kozubal

Business Growth Team Manager

616-402-4721 kozubalk@gvsu.edu Michigan SBDC Business Growth Team Manager Kristi Kozubal has over 15 years of…

J.D. Collins State Director MISBDC

J.D. Collins

State Director
Jennifer Deamud SBDC

Jennifer Deamud

Associate State Director

616-331-7482 deamudj@gvsu.edu Jennifer M. Deamud, MS, MPA is the Chief Operating Officer and the Associate…

Sienna Mavima

Assistant State Director

616-331-7483 mavimasi@gvsu.edu Sienna is responsible for data and information management of the SBDC network and…

Matti Sullivan SBDC

Matti Sullivan

Finance Manager

616-331-7481 sullivma@gvsu.edu Matti is responsible for the financial operations of the Michigan SBDC, including the…

Zara Smith SBDC

Zara Smith

Strategic Programs Manager

616-331-7106 smithlat@gvsu.edu Zara is responsible for the development, implementation and advancement of key network programs, including…

Hanna Burmeister Michigan SBDC

Hanna Burmeister

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager 616-331-7489 burmeish@gvsu.edu Hanna is a marketing and communications professional passionate about creating positive…

Ian Rogers Training Manager

Ian Rogers

Training Manager

616-331-7262 rogersia@gvsu.edu As the training manager for the Michigan SBDC Lead Center, Ian Rogers oversees…

Josh Marko SBDC

Joshua Marko

Special Projects Coordinator

Special Projects Coordinator markojos@gvsu.edu Josh has a decade of experience planning and leading projects that…

Jamaal Ewing SBDC

Jamaal Ewing

Economic Inclusion Business Consultant

Jamaal joins the Michigan SBDC team as the Economic Inclusion Business Consultant, a position created…

Regional Directors

Tamara Davis SBDC

Tamara Davis

Regional Director- Southwest Michigan Region

(269) 387-6004 tamara.j.davis@wmich.edu Tamara Davis is the regional director for the Southwest Michigan SBDC. In…

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson

Regional Director- Capital Region

517-483-1921 donaldt2@lcc.edu Tom is an experienced business executive with broad knowledge of all aspects of…

Dave Emmel SBDC

David Emmel

Regional Director - Northeast Michigan Region

(989) 590-7743 emmeld@gvsu.edu David Emmel currently serves as the Regional Director of the Northeast Michigan…

Tony Fox SBDC

Tony Fox

Regional Director - Mid Michigan Region

989-317-4623 aefox@midmich.edu Tony Fox serves as Regional Director for the Mid Michigan Region of the…

Ed Garner

Regional Director - West Michigan SBDC

(616) 331-7486 garnered@gvsu.edu Ed Garner serves as the Regional Director of the West Michigan SBDC….

Laura Marohnic SBDC

Laura Marohnic

Regional Director - Upper Peninsula Region

(906) 280-5434 lemarohn@mtu.edu Laura Marohnic, MBA, CGBP is the MI-SBDC Regional Director covering the Upper…

Janis Mueller

Regional Director- I-69 Trade Corridor Region

jmueller1@kettering.edu 810-762-9660 Janis Mueller is serving as the Regional Director for the I-69 Trade Corridor…

Annie Olds SBDC

Annie Olds

Regional Director – Northwest Region

231-929-5091 annie.olds@networksnorthwest.org Annie is responsible for leading the Northwest region serving Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet,…

Charlie Penner SBDC

Charlie Penner

Regional Director- Greater Washtenaw Region

734-477-8763 cpenner@wccnet.org Charlie has been the Regional Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center…

Wendy Thomas SBDC

Wendy Thomas

Interim Regional Director- Southeast Region

313-672-1108 Wthomas1@emich.edu Wendy Thomas is the Interim Regional Director of the Southeast Michigan Region. She…

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