Market Research for Your Small Business

Get the information you need to make decisions that drive economic growth for your business

The Michigan SBDC offers no-cost secondary market research that can help you better understand and reach your target audience. As a Michigan small business, you have access to our team of Grand Valley State University graduate students who will develop custom market research reports for your needs, such as:

    • Industry reports to assist your business planning 
    • Demographics, consumer spending, and psychographic reports for your consumer products and services
    • Traffic counts to help select your physical location 
    • Competitor and potential business-to-business client lists
    • Customized research based on your business needs

SEO Specialization for Your Small Business

Our team specializes in search engine optimization reports (SEO). Understanding how to achieve search engine optimization is critical for your business success as it guides your online presence and makes sure you can get found online.

The SBDC SEO & Online Reports

These resources will guide you in understanding your custom SEO report:

Turn market research data into action for your business! To access any of our Market Research services, set up an appointment with an SBDC Business Consultant today!