SBDC Client Spotlight – Woody’s Grand Lake

October 9, 2019 - 2 minutes read
Woodys Grand Lake

Photo courtesy of Woody’s Grand Lake

After Todd Chase and his partner Gary Plankell purchased a small convenience store and marina, they made grand plans for renovations to expand the store and deli while adding a year-round restaurant. As these plans moved along, they realized they needed expert assistance to find suitable financing and create a business plan.

Michigan SBDC Consultant Carl Bourdelais met with Todd and Gary to discuss their plans and the challenges that they were facing. Carl was able to guide them as they developed quality business plans for their store and restaurant and also helped secure significant financing for both businesses. 

“Anyone who wants to start a business or buy an existing one should take advantage of the resources of an expert business strategist like Carl,” said Todd. “He is very knowledgeable in his field and helped ask the questions or look into things we weren’t aware of. We are lucky to have him in our business community, and he is an excellent asset for those looking to start working for themselves. We are very pleased to work with Carl and may use SBDC assistance for future projects.” 

Woodys Grand Lake SBDC Client

Photo courtesy of Woody’s Grand Lake

After a lot of hard work and unexpected challenges, Todd and Gary opened their store and restaurant over the summer. They not only created two year-round entities that benefit the area but are also considering additional expansions for their business. 

Between the two businesses, a total of 33 new jobs were created and over $1,200,000 in capital formation was generated. Woody’s Grand Lake has been a success so far, and it looks like that success has only just begun.