Small Business Spotlight – Polished Crown

October 9, 2019 - 1 minute read
Hailey Smith Polished Crown Business Owner, Michigan SBDC Client

Photo courtesy of Hailey Smith

When Hailey Smith moved back to Grand Rapids, she decided to pursue her purpose and open Polished Crown: a salon and spa that specializes in working with women dealing with hair loss. With no prior experience in starting her own business, Hailey reached out to the Michigan SBDC for help. 

Consultant Jamaal Ewing met with Hailey to help her develop and understand the projected revenue and expense figures for Polished Crown. With Jamaal’s help, Hailey was able to access market research and write a business plan that would prepare her business for potential funding opportunities.

“Jamaal has provided value to my business by helping me understand revenue projections and expenses to properly position my business for financial growth,” Hailey reflected.

Polished Crown StartGarden Winner SBDC Client

Photo courtesy of Hailey Smith

Hailey successfully presented her business pitch at the Start Garden 100 ideas competition and was selected as a $20,000 grant recipient. She plans to open her business with the funds she won. Polished Crown’s primary services will be custom wigs, eyelash extensions, microblading, and scalp treatments designed for women facing hair loss. Hailey’s mission to help women will be fulfilled through the services available at Polished Crown.