The Business Accelerator Fund (BAF) is available to participating business accelerators in Michigan’s statewide SmartZone network.  These funds are used toward the delivery of specialized services that are not otherwise available from these business accelerators, to assist advanced technology companies regardless of the company’s geography.  A participating business accelerator will engage a third party specialist to help advance the client’s path to commercialization, company success, and economic impact for the state of Michigan.

  • BAF requests are reviewed and awarded through a competitive process.
  • A company may not receive more than $50,000 in BAF services, though most engagements are in the $7,000 to $15,000 range.
  • Companies interested in participating are encouraged to contact the nearest participating business accelerator.

For more information, download the Business Accelerator Fund Overview. You can view the map below to find a Business Accelerator near you.