Michigan SBDC Annual Report

The Year Of Resiliency

The Michigan SBDC is pleased to offer our support services to small businesses in all 83 counties of Michigan. Please join us in celebrating the impact of our team and our clients in this 2020 annual report.


Duty Called

In early March, a global pandemic created chaos for small businesses, and out of that chaos, the Michigan SBDC created clarity, guidance, and hope.

Michigan network adjusted our approach and programming to support the small business community. In a year where we were needed the most, the Michigan SBDC rose to the occasion.


New Issues. New Services.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 hit small businesses particularly hard, and the Michigan SBDC had a hand in helping small businesses respond and recover. When the pandemic hit, we started by listening to small business owners, our regional offices, and consultants who had boots-on-the-ground. This approach helped inform our response and understand the needs of the small business community. CARES Act funding allowed us to expand staff in all regions and extend our traditional services to help fight the effects of the pandemic. As a result, 70 new consultants joined our team along with 15 statewide small business services providers, aka “small businesses helping small businesses.

Learn more about our Small Business Recovery Program


The SBDC team’s ability to distill mountains of information and make it consumable to the masses earned us the nickname, “the source of truth.”

Live Dashboard

The Michigan SBDC has created an interactive dashboard where you can learn more about our overall impact statistics and our regional or district performance throughout 2020. For example, you can manipulate this tool to find 2020 information regarding the number of businesses consulted, trainings attended, jobs created, new businesses started and more!

Impact Targets

Chart uses preliminary data. Final impact measurements available end of February 2021.

Businesses Consulted

174% compared to our goal

Training Attendees

200% compared to our goal

Jobs Created

133% compared to our goal

Jobs Retained

258% compared to our goal

New Business Starts

90% compared to our goal

Capital Formation

136% compared to our goal

Their dreams. Our passion.

Addressing the impact of a pandemic wasn’t our only focus this year. As our state and our nation continues to have meaningful discussions surrounding injustice and race relations, the Michigan SBDC continued our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We put plans into action by creating a digital marketplace to showcase 35 businesses of color, creating a tribal outreach position that services the Upper Peninsula, and developed resources and materials translated in Spanish, simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

Client Demographics

Women-Owned Businesses:

48% Of Clients

Businesses of Color:

27% Of Clients

Veteran-Owned Businesses:

Ty Gray-El

Ty Grayel, LLC

In the midst of COVID-19, Ty connected with the Michigan SBDC to take advantage of the SBDC’s CARES Act services to launch Ty GrayEL, LLC - a cultural enrichment content creation company that develops eCommerce, audio and video presentations.

SBDC Teams and Services



43,377 Hours Of Consulting Provided.

Financial Assistance


In services hired to provide assistance to Michigan small businesses

Market Research


Market Research And SEO Reports Completed



In Capital Raised For Technology Commercialization

Consultants Statewide


50 SBDC consultants and 99 contractors/consultants/specialty service providers hired through the CARES Act

Trainings / Business Education


292 Workshops Hosted

Xiaohong Gayden


Intecells has a lab‐proven system to convert battery making to a dry deposition process in a typical manufacturing environment. CEO and co-founder Xiaohong Gayden worked with the Michigan SBDC Tech Team to develop her business plan, financial model, and patent strategy. Intecells continues to count on the support from Michigan SBDC as it faces new challenges in growing its revenue.

Statewide Teams

The Michigan SBDC consists of specialized teams such as the “Growth Team” and the “Tech Team” where industry expert business consultants assist new and expanding businesses with their specific needs for success.


Business Growth Team

Services businesses interested in growing or transitioning.


Technology Team

Bridges the gap between technology development and commercialization.


Our Initiatives

Cybersecurity - Small Business, Big Threat

The Michigan SBDC’s cybersecurity program, Small Business, Big Threat (SBBT), is a leading resource to increase small business awareness of cybersecurity threats and offer tools for small businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity plans and programs.

Focus Four

Vision, Strategy. Execution, and Cash Flow. Focus Four is a program designed to help small business owners grow their business faster, improve profitability, elevate themselves to a more strategic role, and build more value in their companies.

Economic Inclusion

The Michigan SBDC is committed to equitably serving the state. It is our belief that inclusion is vital for serving our diverse communities to strengthen Michigan’s economy.

Gregg Masters

Golden Choice Inc

When veteran and small business owner Gregg Masters took over Golden Choice Inc in Port Huron, he tapped into the Michigan SBDC to re-brand the business, design a new logo, and for free consulting as his business navigates through COVID-19

Partnership Events

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
Michigan SBDC Virtual Marketplace

Featuring Businesses of Color Across Michigan

Great Lakes Lenders Conference

Stronger Together

To combat the challenges Michigan small business owners faced in 2020 with adjusting to a global pandemic, the need for a collaborative effort with our partners became increasingly important.

To respond to the urgent and changing needs of Michigan small businesses, the Michigan SBDC strengthened its partnerships with the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA), Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and with our host partnerships and statewide providers.

Laketa Henderson
Federal Support

“The Michigan SBA’s District Office worked closely with the Michigan SBDC in 2020 to collaborate and help communicate federal assistance to small business owners throughout Michigan. During the pandemic, our partnership with the Michigan SBDC has been strengthened, and we have been able to better meet the urgent needs of the small business community.”

- Laketa Henderson, Michigan District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

“The Michigan SBDC provided vital support and resources to Michigan’s small business owners during the pandemic. I commend their efforts to help our small business community thrive while promoting economic strength and resiliency statewide.”

Diana Lawson
Local Partnerships

“Grand Valley State University’s Seidman College of Business has been home to the Michigan SBDC’s Lead Center for more than 20 years. The enduring strength of this partnership ensured the agility and flexibility needed to deliver a robust and effective COVID-19 response in assisting small businesses across the state.”

- Diana Lawson, Ph.D., Dean of the Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University

Josh Hundt
State Support

“We are proud to partner with the Michigan SBDC to support our small businesses and entrepreneurs – from emergency relief efforts to services that build foundations for growth – and advance opportunity for long term economic opportunity for all Michiganders.”

- Josh Hundt, Chief Business Development Officer & Executive Vice President, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Nancy Russell

Landmark TapHouse & Grille

“[My SBDC consultant] Tamara Davis has been a godsend. I just didn’t have any idea how much paperwork I needed to pull together to even start the process. She helped me so much with getting everything organized and continues to help me today! I honestly don’t know where I would be today without Tamara's help. I don’t know if we would even be open. That’s how great of an impact she and the Michigan SBDC have had on me and my business.”


Onward - It's Time To Thrive

Spikes in demand caused by the pandemic revealed weaknesses in the SBDC's technical infrastructure and we will focus on operational excellence by upgrading our core systems in 2021. The result of this focus will be improved digital experiences that match the quality of our face-to-face consulting. - J.D. Collins, Michigan SBDC State Director

"I’m thankful for the role we played in the response to the pandemic. It was an honor to serve as part of the solution, and not the problem. We take comfort in the fact that we helped many businesses hold onto their dreams." - J.D. Collins, Michigan SBDC State Director

Michigan Map Of Regional Locations And Territories

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